Apr 30 - May 2, 2018
Washington, D.C.

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More Information on our 2018 Workshops

Get a closer look at our in depth workshop sessions taking place at Execute Government Reform Working Meetings. Either download the workshop information here or request a copy via email at geena.monaco@iqpc.com

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How the 2018 Federal Budget Impacts 7 Key Agencies

The President's proposed FY 2018 budget includes $54 billion in cuts to federal departments and a corresponding increase in defense and military spending. The budget is set in line with the goals of the M-17-22 Memo, requesting the decrease and elimination of fundingfor many programs across the Federal government. Starting in February 2018, OMB will begin tracking progress on the Government-wide Reform Plan.

This infographic focuses in on how the changes are impacting seven agencies. In addition, we have highlighted the senior-level executives who will be speaking at Execute Government Reform working meetings on how their agencies are planning to comply with the comprehensive plan for reforming the Federal government and reducing the Federal civilian workforce.

Top 5 Articles on Government IT Modernization

Prior to Execute Government Reform, we have compiled the top 5 articles for IT modernization in 2018. With improving organizational efficiency and effectiveness in mind, these articles discuss:

  1. Federal Modernization Requires Focus on Technology, Budgets, and People
  2. The 4 Largest Federal IT Trends to Watch For in 2018
  3. Three Key Questions for Federal CIOs
  4. IT Modernization and Reform to Get New Oversight in 2018
  5. February Budget Clashes Could Complicate IT Modernization, Trade Group Says 

Market Report: Managing Government Agencies

Our many discussions with government leaders revealed most are not familiar with the prolific work of Drucker – especially, his principles, practices and structured methodologies for enabling government agency executives to meaningfully reinvent their organizations. The coming rediscovery of Peter F. Drucker’s pioneering work in government-agency management is a hoped-for goal of this e-book and for our accompanying conference on Execute Government Reform: Tools, Techniques and Technologies to Ensure Mandate Compliance. Drucker provides answers to many of the mission-critical questions every government agency executive must now address. 

Keynote Speaker Spotlight: David Mader, Former Controller, White House Office of Management & Budget (OMB)

Prior to the Execute Government Reform working meetings this April 30- May 2 in Washington D.C., we sat down with keynote speaker David Mader to talk about implementing reform. In this speaker spotlight, David Mader shares how agencies can better leverage Shared Services models and improve underlying business processes, his advice for agencies moving from "proposed reform" to "implementing reform," the major changes that have been implemented since his time at the White House, and more.


Shared Services in the Government Sector: Business Case 101

One of the toughest challenges you will face in implementing shared services is getting the green light. And there is nothing like advice from someone who's already gone through that to give you a head start. We asked Paul Bartley, previous SSON Thought Leader of the Year, and up until earlier this year Director of Shared Services [Program Support Center] at the US Department of Health and Human Services, for tips. Paul knows what he's talking about. The implementation of shared services across the US Federal Government has been a slow process. And yet, his group can point to multiple successes. He emphasizes the need to showcase benefits, and offers five tips to shore up your business case.

How to Allow for Legacy Modernization

Ann Dunkin is the Chief Information Officer for the County of Santa Clara, California. She discusses her new CIO role with Santa Clara, and highlights from her previous role as CIO for EPA. Also what she was most proud of accomplishing in her previous role, suggestions she'd give to the Government or any CIO regarding Information Technology, and what people should start focusing on moving forward from 2017.


President’s FY 2017 IT Budget

This report includes the Total IT Investments for Federal Government by agency.

Managing Disruptive Change

Most organizations are finding themselves in an Uber moment, as enormous disruption rocks their industry. For many, it’s high time for a wakeup call, given that underlying service lines, process execution, customer interactions, etc. have remained unchanged for decades. Intelligent automation (IA) has a role to play in this evolution. It is the fastest growing technology with the greatest power for disruption. At its most basic, it eliminates mundane, repetitive tasks. At the other extreme, it will begin to replace higher-level cognitive human abilities with a far greater capacity for volume, analysis, accuracy and consistency than can currently be performed by humans. This report (the first in a 2-part series) is one of the most comprehensive you will find on this fast-changing topic. It presents the broad continuum of opportunities represented by IA from the all important perspective of “fit for purpose,” providing 8 considerations for choosing the right IA solution to successfully align with, and execute, your strategy.


Shared Services in Government Toolkit

Find out how 3 shared services leaders from Nasa, DOC and the VA are leveraging shared services and disruptive technologies such as RPA to increase efficiency, reduce administrative burden and re-direct focus to mission-critical priorities.

Security Factors & Modernizing IT with NASA’s CIO

We sat down with Renee Wynn, Chief Information Officer at NASA, for her perspective on the current landscape of IT within NASA:

  • IT challenges being faced within NASA
  • How NASA is finding talent that can move with the technology transformation
  • How the IT budget is being allocated Specific services or solutions to improve security that will be implemented
  • The future of IT modernization as it relates to the government over the next 2-5 years


Journey to Your Cloud: Taking Your Organization From Reactive to Innovative

Businesses today depend upon IT to drive innovation and accelerate past competitors. While each organization may have their own unique definition of innovation, many of the elements remain common: getting closer to customers to help deliver business goals, delivering more compelling services than key competitors and making an increasingly mobile workforce more productive and effective. IT is further challenged by the need to deliver all of this more rapidly than ever and with tight budget constraints while still supporting service levels for performance, governance and security.

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