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The Executive Order has been issued to re-engineer federal government agencies and how they work system-wide.  Transitioning from one Administration to another and being tasked to develop plans for significant government reform under the current Administration has certainly kept everyone in the federal government very busy in 2017 and early 2018.

In turn, this call for change has left many agencies wondering how they can best move forward to implement their proposed plans.  At the Execute Government Reform working meetings, 20+ senior-level executives from the federal government (plus several renowned re-engineering consultants) will speak about how they plan to restructure their agencies to adhere to the goals set forth in the M-17-22 Memo.

Topics being covered include:

  • Turning principles into practice to comply with the M-17-22 Roadmap - and to create positive change within your agency by utilizing methods designed by the renowned thought-leader Peter Drucker
  • How to create a modern, efficient, accurate, and transparent IT systems by using the latest intelligent automation technologies
  • Shifting to alternative service delivery models for support programs
  • Using Smart Hiring techniques to restructure and develop your workforce
  • Structuring an agency-wide program management approach to guide you to success including adequately addressing enterprise risk

You know your entire team needs to attend!  That said, we look forward to seeing you soon!


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